What are micronutrient powders?

Micronutrient powders, also known as MNPs, are one-gram sachets that contain essential vitamins and minerals. This powder is sprinkled onto food just before consumption. When properly made, MNPs do not greatly affect the taste of food and are an effective way to increase the fortification of basic food. A micronutrient powder can provide essential micronutrients to those who are suffering from micronutrient deficiencies.

What is a multiple micronutrient powder?

A multiple micronutrient powder is a MNP that has additional micronutrients added to the mix. For example, a MNP specifically targeted at anemia prevention may contain five micronutrients. MNPs that aim to have a broader impact may include ten or more vitamins and minerals.

How Micronutrient Powders are usually distributed?

Micronutrient powders are often used as a part of government initiatives, large research projects or other projects from international NGOs focused on nutrition. Researchers and project managers contact a micronutrient powder manufacturer with the requested formulation. Certain formulations such as Sprinkles    may be ready for immediate application. Custom formulations may take some time to create. Once the desired formulation and quantities are fixed, the micronutrient powder supplier will pack the powder into one-gram sachets. These sachets can then be distributed among the target population according to the project guidelines.


Are micronutrient powders governed by any organization?

UNICEF and WHO both have certain manufacturing standards for micronutrient powders, but you should also make sure that the supplier you have contacted has GMP, ISO, and other relevant certifications for their manufacturing practices.

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